Weight Loss Journey

I started this as a daily blog to write down all about my Weight Loss Journey!

Its not about how I look or what others think. Its more about how I feel and what I think.

During this 3 week journey i will be writing down all things I have done (or haven’t done) with the aim of losing weight. even those little changes that i would have applied that would ultimately help towards healthy, holistic and happy weight change .

In my daily blog, I will mention:

0 Date
0 Day
0 Current Weight
0 Aimed Weight
0 Things that I did on that day
0 Things I achieved
0 My emotions and  how I felt
0 Foods I made/prepared/ate
0 Drinks, beverages, herbal teas or even water etc that I consumed
0 Physical Activity done
0 Yoga or others practices that I carried out
0 Anything else at all

I am hoping that this 3 Week Journey will be helpful to others too, not only in terms of losing weight but towards achieving whatever they set themselves up for, whatever goals they have in mind!

Any feedback or comments or messages are most welcome!