Reviews and Visits


A Visit To Amanda Miles and Health in Harmony
in Farringdon, Hampshire.  Click Here



A Visit to Kewal Talwadia and Vedic Bliss Ayurvedic Centre
in Coventry. Click Here



Ayurveda Reviews: Through this page I am hoping to bring to my audience and introduce various Ayurvedic Health Spas including Ayurvedic Health Centres, Ayurvedic Therapists and Practitioners. In the due course I will be contacting various experts in the field, hopefully visiting their venues, experiencing something Ayurvedic at their place, talking about themselves and ultimately bringing more information to you.
Yoga Reviews: Likewise I would also be visiting various Yoga Centres and Teachers and experiencing a different style of Yoga and once again finding more about them and introducing them to you.


If you are interested in connecting and being introduced to my audience please don’t hesitate to contact me

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