My Weight Loss Journey- Day 2

My Weight Loss Journey:
Day 2
Today’s Weight 58.5kg
Aim – 50kg

Still feels like Day 1. But today is a special day. Its Thursday, my most favourite day of the week. It’s my Guru’s day – Saibaba’s Day and its also the day that I go vegetarian! So it’s even better for me as it helps to bring in more focus and discipline.

And so here we go.  Day 2!

Interestingly I woke up a little later than planned at 6:30am. But I slept really well, even though I sleep for only 5-6 hours. And I woke up with some thigh aches and pains. The kind that you feel after a work out. Even though I climbed only ‘6 floors of stairs’ yesterday as a part of workout regime, I could already feel the changes.

  • 6:30am Wake Up
  • Once again  quickly into my yoga clothes and shoes, before I lost my momentum. And after the daily morning cleansing, I was in the kitchen for the morning drinks.

Today I made a change: I had my 200 ml hot water but with a twist. I added one capsule of Ayurveda Pura’s Tulsi Powder to my hot water. Quickly drank it down followed by the Ayurveda Pura’s Ginger & Lemon Zest Tea. Mind you, Tulsi is warming so is Ginger Lemon Tea.

Within 10-15 minutes of drinking the fluids, I was already feeling warm. I wanted to take advantage of that warm change and repeated yesterday’s routine of climbing up the stairs and back down again 6 times.

This time I was definitely sweating. I wanted to take advantage of this feeling and result and went for a quick fast brisk walk for 15 minutes.

Immediately thereafter a hot shower, standing under the shower for 7 minutes to further aid sweating.

In all my yoga classes that I teach I always tell my students to have a warm hot shower immediately after practice. It’s like your own DIY steam/sauna at home. It felt good and I was ready for the day.

Most of the morning, I continued with the Ginger Lemon Tea. I do love my Ayurveda Pura Tea bags. With just one tea bag I get 4-5 big mugs of Ginger lemon Tea! All I do is keep adding hot water.

Interestingly, I wasn’t much hungry today afternoon so I decided to  have a huge bowl of apples.

I repeated my herbs just like yesterday

Today was a sedentary day at work with plenty of consultations for which I usually sit down. But this made me more mindful of movement. So I made sure I walked around for 2-3 minutes every hour to keep the metabolism flowing. You must try it. It really feels good.

You may all have watched my Instagram live chat at 4pm with one of my students Suchita Vaswani. But come 5pm I was feeling peckish, wanting to eat something. At such times I usually have mug of warm water. Wait for 10 minutes and observe how I feel.

And as a treat, I had my afternoon tea with 2 delicious Jammy Dodgers biscuits! I love it. I purposely ate them very slowly in between sips of the hot tea. I savoured every moment and spent 15-20 minutes doing so. And because I did that I didn’t crave for a third one.

Its Vegetarian Day today! So dinner was as follows:

Just a note, who says vegetarian food is be boring!  Likewise vegetarian food can be highly nutritious and healthy! Just like above.

I made sure to go for a quick walk after dinner around 8pm. It feels good when the food is digested and it helps with better sleep.

For the rest of the evening I had plenty of Ayurveda Pura’s Orange & Fennel Bliss Tea 

This was followed by my usual Ayurveda Pura’s Triphala 2 capsules and 1 teaspoonful of Ayurveda Pura’s Castor Oil!

Summary: Day 2 brought in more conscious effort to move and be active. You may have noticed, No Yoga as Yet!  But it will come soon when the time is right. The weight hasn’t changed, but I feel lighter and more mobile and more than anything else, I feel more enthusiastic.

But for now I have enjoyed the last two days with these little changes. And through this awareness I will enjoy further changes too.