My Weight Loss Journey-Day 3

My Weight Loss Journey:
Day 3
Start Weight – 58.5kg
Today’s Weight – 58.4kg
Aimed Weight – 50kg

Last night wasn’t the best night for sleep due to a very stormy weather. Although my alarm went off 5.45am, I was out of bed only at 6:45am almost dragging myself out.

And as always, a quick change, Yoga Clothes, and Shoes On! This has now become a habit and really helps me to wake up and get going.

If you have ever had that feeling while brushing your teeth – May be I should just go back to bed for another 15 minutes! I had those exact similar thoughts!

But down to the kitchen and the usual:

  • 200 ml hot water with Ayurveda Pura Tulsi powder of one capsule
  • But today I treated myself with an Indian Chai with plenty of fresh grated ginger to wake me up!

And before my body would give in, I was at the stairs for what I now call – “The Staircase Workout”! And amazingly I managed to complete my 6 sets of “Staircase Workout”! Sweating and feeling amazing.

And Hurrah! My yoga mat is out. But not really a Yoga practice. But an altered workout:

  • Standing Forward Lunges – 10 Each Side
  • Standing Side Squats – 10 Each Side
  • Standing Central Squats – 10 repetitions
  • Right Leg Forward Lift – 10 repetitions
  • Right Leg Sideways Lift – 10 repetitions
  • Right Leg Backward Lift – 10 repetitions
  • Left Leg Forward Lift – 10 repetitions
  • Left Leg Sideways Lift – 10 repetitions
  • Left Leg Backward Lift – 10 repetitions

I was sweating quite a lot and felt good! Straight to Shower and 7 minutes under hot water for my DIY Steam.

The days I run my online webinars I feel good, because I end up standing up/mobile for those hours. So today too I was stood up for my – Secrets of Tulsi – Webinar, from 10am to 12pm.  If you are looking to hear/book  it then please do visit this Link: Click Here.

Then there was more computer related work. Did you know that most of this lockdown period I have mostly been stood at my kitchen surface when doing my admin work? I like it because it makes me feel more agile and active. And interestingly I always get much more done!

After my work I walked around the house for 10 minutes. And as always I had lots of Ayurveda Pura’s Ginger & Lemon Zest Tea during all of the morning until afternoon/lunch.

Lunch today was: 2 Bananas with cinnamon sprinkle! I love this. Once in a while I add honey to it. It’s really soothing and sattvic. Interestingly I haven’t been much hungry today.

I have a rule: I Eat Only When I am Hungry! Neither will I starve myself nor will I over eat.

Today I felt much more motivated. As a spontaneous decision, after all my work I went for a brisk fast, 40 minute walk until I could feel myself sweating underneath my clothes!  And I am glad I did that.

I got late with my herbs but took them just before my walk. The usual:

Back home, today I nourished myself with some hair/head/scalp massage with Ayurveda Pura’s Tridoshic Oil. Plenty of oil in my head and scalp and I loved it.  Then a quick hot shower to get rid of toxins. But I did leave the oil in my hair for further nourishment.

A Note: If you are looking to go on a weight loss program, always make sure to apply oil to hair, skin and nails. Self massage, as regularly as possible, probably every 3-4 days.

Ever wondered why people who lose weight, appear to look more aged or older than when they were overweight? When on a program, people have this mind set of avoiding oils internally. But not taking any oil at all (and sweating, losing fat), this ages the body. Sweating dries the body out. We lose all those good oils too and this leads to wrinkles and aging.

If not internally, at least externally, if you carry out regular oil massages, this helps to replenish the oil which you would have lost via sweating from the sebaceous glands and pores. So not only will you lose weight you will look younger too!

Dinner Time!

It’s Friday Night and my son wanted to get a take-away pizza! And so did we!

I had three pieces of the vegetarian Pizza. To help compensate I had 3 cups of Ginger Lemon Tea just after. I enjoyed it and felt satisfied.

Note: Weight loss doesn’t mean hard, difficult, boring. It can be fun, exciting and sensible.

I finished the day with my usual Ayurveda Pura’s Triphala 2 capsules and Ayurveda Pura’s Castor Oil 1 teaspoon and 3 mugs of Ayurveda Pura’s Orange & Fennel Bliss Tea .

SUMMARY: I am 100gm lighter! More than anything else I am enjoying the process, because of the experience. I feel light. I actually feel happy and positive from within.

And I know I can now achieve my goal. I call it – THE THREE DAY TEST. And I think I passed it.