Health in Harmony – Hampshire

My visit to Amanda Miles & Health in Harmony in Hampshire

I first met Amanda 4 years ago in Southampton while I was teaching an Ayurvedic Facelift Workshop. And now 4 years down the line, who would have known that I would get to know Amanda so well, that I would end up visiting her place in Hampshire.

Amanda has now graduated as a Yoga teacher, Ayurvedic Consultant and Ayurvedic Therapist from Ayurveda Pura Academy. She has worked really hard to get her practice together not to forget her sincerity and determination to travel to London every time for various courses.

Amanda gave me a tour of her lovely practice and Yoga space and I was more than impressed! Her beautiful Ayurvedic treatment room is a space of tranquil with furniture that looks exotic and a great mix of various styles!

The highlight of her practice is her Yoga Space which overlooks an open country side! While over there, I also checked a few things based on Vaastu (science of Vedic architecture and spaces) and I must admit her therapy and yoga space is spot on with the energies of Vedic sciences!


Starting from the lay out of the yoga studio to the arrangement of her Ayurvedic Therapy Room, it all looks divine and heavenly.

Amanda offers Ayurvedic consultations, Ayurvedic therapies includign cleansing programs and Panchakarma. She also offers classical Yoga lessons, group and individual yoga lessons.

My suggestion would be to go for a one to one yoga lesson, followed by an Ayurvedic therapy and perhaps a bowl of Kitchadi at the end! 🙂

Her contact details are as follows:

Amanda Miles
Health in Harmony
1 Westcross Cottages, The Street, Upper Farringdon, GU34 3DS t 07796 094056