Ayurvedic Liver Cleanse

Ayurvedic Liver Cleanse Details:

I have designed a one week Ayurvedic Liver Cleanse with the aim to help cleanse various tissues in the body but the focus is on the liver.

The Liver Cleanse that I carry out is in the form of a Whatsapp Group.

During the One Week Cleanse, I post a plan or a routine every day for the participants to follow. The plan is for the next day so that the participants can prepare accordingly.

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Every day plan contains: food plan including breakfast, lunch, dinner along with recipes, herbs, routine, yoga, self massage etc.

And once the plan for the day is done, the members write back in the group saying they have done it. This is to encourage people to participate and more importantly that they are not silent audience.

Once a group is formed, I message things/herbs needed a week in advance so that you are prepared for the cleanse. These also include Ayurveda Pura products for the cleanse.

Benefits from the cleanse:

  • Weight Loss
  • Skin Changes
  • Sleep improvement
  • Energy improvement
  • Emotional changes
  • Menstrual Changes
  • Many other benefits

I usually run one cleanse group every 6 weeks. If you are looking to take part please follow me on Instagram @deepaapte Click Here and send me a message and we can start the journey towards optimum health and balance.


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