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When people taste Ayurveda Pura Teas, their first response is – “they are divine, they are so delicious, they are so effective” and of course the next automatic questions is – “where do you source your teas from?”

And the answer is – we don’t buy them from anywhere, Ayurveda Pura makes them.

Read here to find out the story of Ayurveda Pura Tea Journey – which started almost 17/18 years ago from a small two bedroom apartment in central London, where I used to spend hours together trying to come up with that perfect blend.

The whole story started as such – in 2003 when I first moved to London, I started my little once a week Ayurvedic practice from a health centre in Islington. Upon completion of consultations I realised there weren’t any good sources of Ayurvedic products be it something simple as herbal teas, oils, herbs etc in UK.

Hence the thought arose – if I as an Ayurvedic practitioner find it so difficult to get products why would my clients want to go through any length of difficulty. This would only mean that my clients would not be able to experience this wonderful science of Ayurveda.

That’s when I got the idea of bringing Ayurveda Pura to life. And hence the first set of Ayurvedic products as Ayurvedic Herbal Teas. There were many teas out there but there were none to suit body types or suit various Dosha pacifying categories.

So one day I went to the local market and bought as many Ayurvedic tea ingredients back home and thus began the journey of discovering unique blends as Vata, Pitta Kapha Herbal teas.

I spent days sometimes mornings, sometimes afternoons and sometimes all day putting together many different blends to ultimately arrive to the final recipes.

IMG_20190131_101757_083My dining table was always covered with these little Indian steel round containers of herb mixes. It was an exciting of a few months and voila! I had my final blends ready to go. My apartment smelt like an Ayurvedic spa with these exotic fragrances. After having finalised the recipes, packaging etc the company exhibited for the first time at a health exhibition called CAMEXPO at Excel Centre. Day 1 of the health exhibition, – come 10am -I was a nervous wreck wondering what if no one likes them! Then, came along the first set of visitors to my stand – I explained all about Ayurveda, body types etc and talked about the teas followed by giving them a sample to try. They tried the tea, waited for a few moments, looked at me and said – “that is such a warming nourishing divine taste, I could drink it all day! I will get two of those jars please!” And before I knew I had made my first ever sale. I couldn’t believe it. And thereafter rest is history.

We have been fortunate to have won awards for our teas and grateful that everyone loves them. The ingredients are natural organic, vegan and ethically sourced. The various categories of teas that I have designed are:


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