Homemade Buttermilk

Home Made Buttermilk

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🔸️Many of you always ask me how to make buttermilk at home. So here we go.
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🔸️This is how I make buttermilk at home.
🔸️Its fast and super easy
☘All you need is:
🔸️2 tablespoons fresh yogurt
🔸️Warm Water
🔸️A whisker. Watch the video. This is what I use
☘Its quick easy and very convenient
☘You can always add
🔸️Cumin to make it savoury
🔸️Honey to make it sweet
☘Buttermilk is really good for (just some examples):
🔸️Pitta inflammation
🔸️Gut imbalances
🔸️Skin illnesses
🔸️Hay fever and allergies
🔸️High blood pressure
🔸️Psoriasis, eczema
🔸️General inflammation in body
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