Ayurveda and Yoga For Healthy Weight Loss – One Month Program

Ayurveda And Yoga For Weight Loss – One Month – Online Program

Please message if you are looking to enroll on this one month course.
Instructed by Dr Deepa Apté
8 Sessions Starting Sunday 14th March

  • Sundays: 9am to 10:00am
  • Wednesdays: 7pm to 8pm
  • Location: Online Zoom Lessons for Yoga Classes; Private Facebook Group for all Attendees

Price: £120.00


  • The Ayurveda and Yoga For Weight Loss Program is structured to help improve metabolism at a physical, emotional and mental levels that helps towards healthy weight loss.

  • Yoga positions are designed to target specific areas of the body to help encourage weight loss in a stable and healthy manner.

  • Each session will comprise yoga positions, breathing exercises and meditation.

  • The course attendees will be requested to maintain a journal which will be reviewed by Dr Apte every week.

  • Dr Apte will also be handing out individual plans which will involve diet, herbs or massage therapy suggestions to suit your individual needs and body types.

 Protocol:Please Read

  • Book for the One Month (Four Week) Online Course.
  • Upon booking an Ayurvedic Consultation Form will be sent to you to fill in and send back.
  • Dr Deepa Apte will go through it and design a Therapy Plan for one month to include individualised foods, herbs, at home massages and routine.
  • Please note when you book the course then you can avail a 15% discount on all Ayurveda Pura herbs and products needed for your individual plan
  • Yoga Classes:
  • Live Yoga classes will take place on Sunday Mornings 9am to 10am and Wednesday evenings 7pm to 8pm. At the end of it a Hand Out will be shared so that you can practice these classes for the next few days until next lesson
  • At the end of each lesson specific suggestions will be shared for you to follow until the next lesson.
  • You will be requested to maintain a weekly journal of your activities and foods which will be reviewed by Dr Deepa Apte on a weekly basis.
  • Weekly recipes for foods and drinks/beverages will also be shared.
  • A Private Facebook group will be created for those who enroll on this program so that they can share their experiences, details and the whole journey together.
  • Attendees will be required to follow all suggestions given if they want to see a definite, positive and permanent result
  • All attendees are required to attend all the Live Online Yoga lessons
  • To see best possible results, the attendees are required to follow individual therapy plans that will be given which will include suggestions on foods, herbs and Ayurvedic remedies

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  1. Hi Deeppapta , I want to try the one month weight loss program. How do I sign up, are you still running the program

    1. The program has come to an end now. When the next one is running you will see details on instagram.

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