The Mantra Ritual

The Mantra Ritual

Mantras find their roots in Sanskrit language. Did you know we don’t look as Sanskrit as anyone’s mother tongue. Rather Sanskrit is the language of vibration.

Sanskrit is like the pearls and Mantras is the pearl necklace. Without the pearls there is no necklace.

Mantras have been used in many different contexts like Customs, Rituals, Ceremonies, Yoga Ayurveda Vaastu, Jyotish, Weddings etc. And Mantras are also widely used for healing.

Both Sanskrit and Mantras are also considered the language of healing.

As I always say knowledge is great and eternal but it is of no use if you cannot put it into practice.

Many of us know of Mantras, but do we really know how to put the knowledge of Mantras into practice to “actually see a proper result”? And when I mean results I don’t just mean relaxation or a feeling of well-being. I mean proper results.

If not, here is one very simple way. Here is a simple way to experience affectivity of Mantras and how they work.

This is a very traditional, ancient way of putting it into practice.
But I call this The Mantra Ritual.

Step 1: Hold an intention. It can be anything as simple as “I want to lose weight”. Or probably your intention can also be advanced if your practice is highly developed.

Step 2: Determine which Mantra you want to chant. It can be Gayatri Manra, Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra, Bija Mantra, probably Mantra given by your Guru.

Step 3: Determine how many times you want to chant the Mantra: 3/5/7/11/21/51/101/121 times. This is up to you. Make sure that the repetition that you choose is practical and it’s also important that during the said period of time you don’t change the number of repetitions.

Step 4: Determine a place in your house/abode or surrounding you want to chant this Mantra. It should be clean, light, open, and airy. It can be your study, Puja room or your balcony. It’s important that it’s the same place every time you chant the mantra without being interrupted.

Step 5: Determine a time of the day. It’s essential that you are able to dedicate the same time of the day everyday towards this ritual. This time could be 6 am in the morning or 12 noon afternoon.

Step 6: Determine on an offering that you will offer on a daily basis. It can be a fruit, if so example a banana or an apple every day. It can be a flower, if so a chrysanthemum every day.

Step 7: Determine on how many days you want to carry out this ritual for. Probably 5/7/11 days. The number of days that you choose should be practical. Don’t get too over enthusiastic and choose many days. Once you set your intention and determination, you cannot change this.

Step 8 optional: If it is more of a yogic practice and ritual and the aim is enlightenment, then Vedas also stress on abstinence from sexual activities. This is more essential for Brahmachari and true Yogis. Sexual abstinence ensures that you retain Ojas, Tejas and Prana for yogic karmas and actions.

Once you have determined all the above, then follow:

  • Wake up or get ready 15-30 minutes before the determined time.
  • Have a shower, wear clean clothes.
  • Prepare the place, make sure it’s clean.
  • Light a flame/lamp, candle.
  • Place your offering (fruit/flower) near the lamp/flame.
  • Make sure you are seated on a rug/carpet/blanket made from natural/non-animal fibres.
  • With eyes closed repeat your intention first loudly and then within your mind for a few times.
  • Then commence chanting the Mantra (either loudly or within your mind) for the said number of times example 21 times or 108 times.
  • Make sure that the repetition is continuous.
  • After you have finished chanting the mantras, repeat your intention again.
  • Bow to the flame in front of you.
  • Take a few moments for yourself and let the sound and vibration of the mantras be absorbed within you and the surrounding.
  • It would be best if you don’t talk for at least 10 minutes.
  • Once the above is concluded you can continue with your daily activities.


  • Set your intention.
  • Chant your chosen Mantra everyday
  • Repeat for the same number of times daily
  • At the same time
  • From the same place
  • Offer the same offering everyday
  • Repeat for the number of days that you have predetermined


The same time, place and repetition of mantras for the same number of times is essential. Also essential is the offering.

When done continuously in this way over a period of several days, it brings a change in the nervous system, endocrine system and ultimately immune system.

Such practice also helps to increase focus, determination, commitment and drive.

Traditionally this is also used by Yogis to help cleanse the Nadis and chakras to help for the Kundalini to rise.

On a practical basis, this practice really helps with health conditions like cancers, auto immune illnesses. In principle it’s hugely beneficial in all illnesses and conditions. With the right kind of practice the Mantra Ritual also is very beneficial for mental health illnesses.

It also helps to turn the physical and mental status to a more alkaline level which is nothing but Sattvic Status.

Such practice as what I call the Mantra Ritual helps towards developing your Yoga Practice and spiritual growth and progress.

Please do try out the above and I very much look forward to any one of feedback.

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