My Weight Loss Journey Day 10

My Weight Loss Journey:

  • Day 10
  • 20/06/2020
  • Start Weight – 58.5kg
  • Today’s Weight – 56.8kg
  • Aimed Weight – 50kg

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I am so glad to see that the weight is slowly shifting and going down! Within ten days there has been a weight loss of almost 2kg and I feel good because I have been putting the effort but a happy comfortable effort without straining myself and most importantly without stressing myself out.

My daily routine seems to be coming to a constant pattern and I like it. I believe that’s the Kapha quality in me!

Its Saturday Morning! It’s supposed to be a weekend but it didn’t feel like it. It was the usual start:

  • Wake up: 6am
  • Get dressed, down to the kitchen: Hot Water followed by a Tulsi Tea. But today I added the Ayurveda Pura Ayurvedic Golden Milk Blend to my Ayurveda Pura Pure Tulsi Tea and I loved it!
  • I followed this with a workout session in my garden. I am very fortunate that its quite big enough to be able to do a running session. My morning routine was as follows:
    • Jogging plus walking – 15 minutesgarden
    • Right Leg Forward Lift – 10 repetitions
    • Right Leg Sideways Lift – 10 repetitions
    • Right Leg Backward Lift – 10 repetitions
    • Left Leg Forward Lift – 10 repetitions
    • Left Leg Sideways Lift – 10 repetitions
    • Left Leg Backward Lift – 10 repetitions
    • Standing Side Squats – 10 Each Side
    • Standing Central Squats – 10 repetitions
    • Jogging plus walking – 15 minutes

I took time out today to carry out a full body massage. But I wanted a more added benefit. Hence I treated myself with a Self Udvartana with Ayurveda Pura Body Scrub  and Ayurveda Pura Tridoshic Re-Balance Oil.


  • Apply hot oil to the body
  • Sprinkle the Udvartana powder to a local area example forearm, upper arm or leg etc
  • Apply circular strokes to the area followed by long strokes
  • Then proceed to the next area of the body
  • Wait for 10 minutes and then go for a hot shower
  • Stand under the hot water for at least 5-7 minutes and then wash off oil with soap.

NOTE: If you want to see quick changes and permanent results of your workout always carry out an Udvartana Self Massage. This helps to stimulate Agni, nourish the tissues, helps with lymphatic drainage and has a stimulating effect on the adipose tissue to melt it away.

This was followed by my usual herbs:

I did some of my work. But I also spent time with my usual house work like cleaning, hovering, mopping etc. I made sure I was moving and active all day.

NOTE: Psychologically when its weekend the mind and body want to get lazy. But when you are on a weight loss journey, its best to keep active on all days. Even if it means you don’t want to exercise or do yoga, it doesn’t matter. But being physically active is essential to burn calories and lose weight.


As it was a warm/hot day I had a smoothie for lunch.


  • Celery 1 inch long
  • Lettuce – half handful
  • Spinach – half handful
  • Cucumber – one quarter
  • Olive oil – 1tspn
  • Warm water 50ml
  • Fresh grated ginger – 1/2 teaspoon
  • Ayurveda Pura Get Fix Mix 1/2 teaspoon

NOTE: Warm green smoothies are really good for weight loss. Anything that is green is bitter and bitter helps to scrape away anything that is in excess in the body. It can be toxins, or high cholesterol, high sugar. Over here it helps to scrape away excess adipose tissue. And the good thing about such warm smoothies is that they also help to satisfy your hunger. I usually add oil to such smoothies as it helps to nourish the tissues.

I was working in the afternoon so I had to skip my afternoon exercise regime. But after work, some of my very good friends were spending their evening at my place. So I was quite looking forward to it.

Many of you may already know, I love making cocktails, so I spent the evening chatting, talking making cocktails for my friends. Although I did have one or two, I definitely did not go overboard with them.

Dinner – As I was entertaining I didn’t cook anything specific for myself but as I was serving finger food for the evening I had some of that.

I love routine to an extent, so I slipped away for a few minutes to have my usual evening herbs:

Ayurveda Pura’s Triphala 2 capsules and Ayurveda Pura’s Castor Oil 1 teaspoon and 3 mugs of Ayurveda Pura’s Orange & Fennel Bliss Tea .

But I also added extra herbs due to the alcohol intake. These were:

anti hangoverAyurveda Pura Anti Hang Over Magic Mix – 1tspn with a mug of Ayurveda Pura Ginger Lemon Zest Tea

NOTE: If you are ever going to spend an evening drinking and don’t want to suffer the bad effects next day follow the above. Ayurveda Pura Anti Hang Over Magic Mix has herbs like Neem and Turmeric along with other herbs. These help to metabolise alcohol out of the body very quickly and also help to cleanse the blood, liver, skin and colon.

It was a late night! But we live life only once and enjoying every moment is quite essential as long as we know our boundaries, limits and responsibilities.

SUMMARY: It was relatively an easy day although the morning and afternoon were quite intense and hectic from the point of being busy. I can actually feel my abdomen going flatter and that flabbiness on the sides of the hips are smoothening out too! I feel good and happy. I couldn’t ask for anything more as long as I stick to my discipline and focus!


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