My Weight Loss Journey Day 8

My Weight Loss Journey:

I know I took a short hiatus from my weight loss journey. But then as we know this is life and life can be very unpredictable. There will always be ups and downs. Likewise there will always be things that suddenly take priority and things that were planned get side tracked.

It’s much better that certain plans get side tracked rather than completely jump the tracks and disappear into the oblivion. That’s exactly what happened with my weight loss journey. It had to take a step back due to other pressing matters. But here I am, patiently determined, showing my Pitta-Kapha quality.

So here we go:

Day 8

  • 18/06/2020
  • Start Weight – 58.5kg
  • Today’s Weight – 57.0kg
  • Aimed Weight – 50kg

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I woke up really early at 5:15am and felt quite refreshed. As today was my first day back on track once again I didn’t want to overdo. So to gently ease into the routine, I did the following:

  • 5.15am wake up
  • Brush teeth and get ready
  • 200 ml hot water followed by Ayurveda Pura – Pure Tulsi Herbal Tea
  • Got ready and jumped into my back garden
  • I walked the length of the garden for 30 minutes. Which really helped as I was already sweating, which is unusual for me just after a walk
  • I followed this with gentle jogging in one place for 10 minutes
  • Then came the Warrior Pose – all variations – 10 minutes
  • And lastly Downward Facing Dog followed by Upward Facing Dog – 15 repetitions (holding each pose for a count of 5)

NOTE: It’s amazing the effect an early morning workout has, especially in open air. Did you know there is something called as Brahma Muhurt in Vedic science which starts 90 minutes before sunrise when Prana is abundant and highest in the atmosphere. And this is the best time to exercise/do Yoga.

Over the last few days while weight loss wasn’t my first priority, I was still following certain disciplined routine with the aim of weight loss. One of those was only fruits during the day and one main meal in the evening around 6pm. And because I was doing this it helped me to maintain my weight at 57kg.

NOTE: It’s amazing how you can condition the stomach to eat as much as or as little as you want. The stomach too has its own mind or brain. And it’s all about having that conversation with it to be able to regulate food intake especially under these circumstances when anxiety and depression is at the highest. (Note – No I am neither depressed nor anxious!)

My day was as followed as:

deskNote: This helps me to move around, be more active and more importantly prevent any work related injuries like lower back pain, stiff shoulder blades or painful neck muscles, when working on your laptop.  So if you are looking for a better physical state while working at home alternate your usual seated working space with a standing working space. But do make sure the height of the working surface is optimum for your height.


  • I usually have fruits for lunch. So today I had two bananas with some honey and I loved it.

As you may know I did an Instagram Chat today at 3:30pm talking about Basics of Doshas in Ayurveda. That was the first time I was sat during the day! Time flies when you are busy. And it was time for my late afternoon workout/training. I went for a 40 minute brisk/fast walk as I wasn’t too inspired to do a session at home.

NOTE: If you ever feel lazy and don’t want to exercise or do Yoga, just wear your shoes and start walking out in nature along your neighbourhood roads – but outside. You will be amazed how this changes your attitude and before you know you will be back at it working out/exercising/training etc.


Today was seafood day.

  • Prawn curry based on my family recipe
  • Chapathi
  • Daal
  • Indian lettuce and tomato salad

Because I have changed to one main meal per day  I absolutely enjoy my dinners and I take my time to enjoy every mouthful. And I also feel grateful that I am blessed with food, roof, clothing, warmth of the house and a secure feeling! Gratitude is everything.

This was followed by my evening herbs as usual:

Ayurveda Pura’s Triphala 2 capsules and Ayurveda Pura’s Castor Oil 1 teaspoon and 2 mugs of Ayurveda Pura’s Orange & Fennel Bliss Tea .

agmBut now there has been an addition:

Every evening I have a cupful of the Ayurveda Pura Ayurvedic Golden Milk! And I looove this part of my day the most! I usually take it to bed and while I read a book (but mostly still working on my laptop!) I sip on this great drink. And I must be honest I am in love with it!

NOTE: I am absolutely amazed that ever since I have been taking the Ayurvedic Golden Milk every evening, my sleep has improved hugely! So if you have sleep problems do try out Ayurveda Pura’s Ayurvedc Golden Milk.


As the saying goes: Where there is a will, there is a way. I am more of tortoise rather than the hare. I may take time but I always complete all my plans and projects! So I know I will achieve this one too.  Another note: Take your time as it’s your life and your plan; it’s not about what others think but more about how and what you feel!

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