My Weight Loss Journey Day 6

My Weight Loss Journey:
Day 6
Start Weight – 58.5kg
Today’s Weight – 57.7kg
Aimed Weight – 50kg

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It’s Bank Holiday Monday! It’s a slow start regarding time of waking up but a refreshed start. I had a good night’s sleep and was naturally awake at 5.45am. But wanted to enjoy that feeling of holiday and hence lay in bed until 6.45am.

And I am happily surprised! My weight dropped to 57.7kg! This makes me more enthusiastic to carry on!

NOTE: I always check my weight at the same time every day. It’s like an exact 24 hour review. I usually do this in the morning, once awake, brush teeth, empty bowel and bladder and check my weight. In that way it’s clear and more constant in terms of the recording.

waterIt was the usual morning start with a small change:

And my usual work out but with a change:

  • Staircase Workout: 10 sets
  • Jogging in place – 10 minutes
  • Standing Forward Lunges – 15 Each Side
  • Standing Side Squats – 15 Each Side
  • Standing Central Squats – 15 repetitions
  • Right Leg Forward Lift – 15 repetitions
  • Right Leg Sideways Lift – 15 repetitions
  • Right Leg Backward Lift – 15 repetitions
  • Left Leg Forward Lift – 15 repetitions
  • Left Leg Sideways Lift – 15 repetitions
  • Left Leg Backward Lift – 15 repetitions
  • Jogging in place – 10 minutes
  • Staircase Workout: 10 sets

Today I sweated more than yesterday and I was feeling hot too. I made sure I had my herbs today in the morning immediately after m workout, with plenty of warm-hot water. And I am hoping I will slowly change to taking them in the morning and hopefully going forward before my morning workout.

I had my shower got ready and ready for some work during the day. I know it’s Bank Holiday Monday here but was still working today. I had a few consultations and work calls lined up.

workNOTE: When you are on a weight loss journey, it’s very essential to keep the mind busy. So make sure to keep yourself busy and active. When you are busy, your mind is busy. Hence the thoughts of cravings, wanting eat a snack or even that thought of having early lunch etc are dissipated.

I keep myself busy with my work which I love a lot! It’s my passion! So I know I will be able to evade any thoughts of snacks or eating, easily.

Today the day passed by very quickly. Before I knew it was post noon time and I had my ever so favourite fruit smoothie with ginger and Ayurveda Pura’s Get Fit Mix at lunch time.

I did feel a little slow today in the afternoon. That feeling of wanting to sit in the warm conservatory and just be, let go, watch the clouds pass by! I did do it in my conservatory for about 15 minutes. But I prefer being active. And just in time a very good friend of mine messaged me regarding meeting up in the evening. So now I had a PLAN! And I LOVE PLANS!

It motivated me for another session of workout at 3:30pm. This time it was Yoga practice. I repeated the same exact thing from yesterday.

  • Warming up
  • Sun Salutations – 6 sets
  • This was followed by: Holding each pose for a count of 5 and the counter pose for a count of 5. Repeating each set 10 times.
    • Downward dog – Upward Dog
    • Downward Dog – Cobra
    • Downward Dog – half Moon Pose
    • Bridge Pose – Leg Raises
    • Extended Cat – Cow Pose
  • Bhastrika Breathing:
    • Round 1 – 15
    • Round 2 – 30
    • Round 3 – 45

Today it was more flowing and easy. But I didn’t want to overdo so just left it at the above yoga session. Bhastrika towards the end did do wonders! I could feel my abdominal muscles working and moving and that’s just what I need at the moment!

NOTE: Always do Bhastrika Breathing at the end after your work out or Yoga session for weight loss. When doing Bhastrika certain rules need to be followed. Work with your abdominal muscles. If you are looking to get a flat tummy, Bhastrika will be your best friend! If you want to know the correct way of doing Bhastrika Breathing, Click Here.

Once again back into the shower. This time took longer into the shower with lots of hot water on the abdomen, hips and lower back.

NOTE: If you don’t want to suffer from those workout related aches, pains sore muscles and cramps, always pour hot water on areas like thighs, calf muscles, upper arms, tummy and lower back after a workout session.  So best is to get into the shower and spend extra time directing your shower head on these areas. You will be amazed with the results. Not only will the aches and pains disappear but you will also lose weight sooner.

Quick change and excited to see my friend Sheela after 3 whole months at 5pm!  We had a couple of glasses wine while sat in the garden enjoying the sun. She left around 8pm.

Dinner Time:

  • Indian Tomato Dal
  • Chapathi
  • Fresh Cucumber
  • Fresh Raddish

dal#I absolutely enjoyed today’s dinner. My favourite is actually Rice. I could eat only Rice and I would be the happiest person on earth! But I have decided I won’t be eating rice during this whole weight loss journey. But at this moment I am absolutely loving to cook chapattis as often as possible.

Today I definitely tired and exhausted. My usual night time routine followed:

And the usual, Ayurveda Pura’s Triphala 2 capsules and Ayurveda Pura’s Castor Oil 1 teaspoon and 3 mugs of Ayurveda Pura’s Orange & Fennel Bliss Tea .

casteyBut today I also did something different. I applied Ayurveda Pura’s Castor Oil Face Mask to my face before going to bed! I love this Castor Oil Face Mask.


  • Warm up Ayurveda Pura’s Castor Oil so it’s warm-hot
  • Apply a medium thick layer to the whole face avoiding the eye region
  • Leave it for 15 minutes and wash off.

But I left it on my skin over night. Next morning the feeling and texture of the skin is really soft and refreshed. I love this Ayurveda Pura’s Castor Oil Face Mask Ritual at night.

NOTE: Castor Oil has natural steroids and helps to replenish any lost nutrients, steroids and oil back to the skin. When done regularly it also helps with sleep. Castor Oil also has natural cleansing qualities. Hence you will see that Ayurveda Pura’s Castor Oil is one of the ingredients of Ayurveda Pura’s Cleaning Milk . And I know many of you love Ayurveda Pura’s Cleaning Milk and now you know why!

SUMMARY: YAY! I was 57.7kg today and I am very curious to see my weight tomorrow morning. It’s that excitement where I want to go to sleep because I want to wake up and repeat it all over again because I have started seeing results! The Fruits Smoothie helped to keep going today. I love such smoothies because they are packed with vitamins, nutrients and goodness.  So here we go onward and upwards.

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