My Weight Loss Journey Day 5

My Weight Loss Journey:
Day 5
Start Weight – 58.5kg
Today’s Weight – 58kg
Aimed Weight – 50kg
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It’s already Day 5! And the Morning Routine has become more of a second nature.

It’s going to be different from today onward for the next 7 days.   I am running the 7 Day Ayurvedic Liver Cleanse. And I have approximately 60 people booked on 6 different groups. So it’s going to be a busy week ahead. I too will take part but I may not be able to very closely follow everything. And talking about the cleanse it’s been a busy early morning with all attendees messaging asking questions etc! I am grateful I have attendees from all parts of the world – UK, Europe, Australia, USA, India, Canada etc.

If you are interested in an Ayurvedic Liver Cleanse I run them every 2 months, and the details are here. Click Here.

But a Note to myself: No matter how busy it gets, don’t lose focus of the 3 week goal and don’t let go.

My attitude towards my goal and self-care has changed and now there is more focus than before.

So here goes my morning routine:

  • Staircase Workout: 10 sets
  • Jogging in place – 5 minutes
  • Standing Forward Lunges – 15 Each Side
  • Standing Side Squats – 15 Each Side
  • Standing Central Squats – 15 repetitions
  • Right Leg Forward Lift – 15 repetitions
  • Right Leg Sideways Lift – 15 repetitions
  • Right Leg Backward Lift – 15 repetitions
  • Left Leg Forward Lift – 15 repetitions
  • Left Leg Sideways Lift – 15 repetitions
  • Left Leg Backward Lift – 15 repetitions
  • Standing Forward bend followed by Arching Mountain – 10 sets
  • Jogging in place – 5 minutes

It felt really good to up the intensity. Rest of the morning was as usual:

  • Hot shower
  • Get ready
  • Instagram Live Chat at 10am: I talked about Pranayama. If you are interested in listening to it, this is the link. Click Here

It’s Sunday so not such a busy  day as it is normally.  I completed a few online follow consultations.image

Lunch at 12:30pm
* Berry Smoothie
* Raspberries handful
* Strawberries 4-5
* Cinnamon 1/4tspn
* Fresh grated ginger 1/4tspn
* Ayurveda Pura’s Get Fit Mix 1/4tspn


This was followed by my usual herbs:

Come 2pm, I convinced my son to join in for a short workout. He hesitated in the beginning but we had fun! It was Yoga! It was only 20 minutes but it worked well.


  • Warrior Pose
  • Standing Side Squats
  • Standing Central Squats
  • Downward Dog
  • Upward Dog
  • Seated Forward Bend
  • Upward Plank
  • Boat Pose
  • Upward Plank

Note: If the day is busy and you are unable to do your full session in one go, just break it down during the day. That helps to still bring in the workout and because its divided out it can also be quite effective to keep the metabolism up as you are still moving throughout the day.

Note: Get your kids involved if possible. It’s more fun; you have company and you strive to do more with your children. It definitely worked today for me so much so that my son actually wants to do it regularly!

Sunday was a day of increased time spent on physical practice.

Come 4:30pm I was at it again! A dynamic Yoga practice for an hour:

  • Warming up
  • Sun Salutations – 6 sets
  • This was followed by: Holding each pose for a count of 5 and the counter pose for a count of 5. Repeating each set 10 times.
    • Downward Dog – Upward Dog
    • Downward Dog – Cobra
    • Downward Dog – Half Moon Pose
    • Bridge Pose – Leg Raises
    • Extended Cat – Cow Pose
  • Bhastrika Breathing:
    • Round 1 – 15
    • Round 2 – 30
    • Round 3 – 45

It felt really good to do a full proper yoga session. And I am really looking forward to more of such sessions. Once again a nice hot shower and then DIY Steam.

This was followed by plenty of warm hot water to drink.  I always do this immediately after a workout.

NOTE: Always drink plenty of hot water straight after a workout session. When you are exercising, Ayurvedically you are boosting up that fire/digestive fire. Imagine its like helping melt that cheese! Or imagine pouring hot water on that block of cheese! That’s exactly what it is with adipose tissue in body and hot water!


Its barbecue time at our home! While the rest of the family had burgers etc, I was absolutely happy with my kind of food:

  • Steamed salad
  • Indian roasted aubergines
  • Roasted peppers
  • Roasted courgettes

Today I also started on plenty of coconut water.

I finished the day with my usual Ayurveda Pura’s Triphala 2 capsules and Ayurveda Pura’s Castor Oil 1 teaspoon and 3 mugs of Ayurveda Pura’s Orange & Fennel Bliss Tea .

I was happily exhausted and tired and I am hoping that its going to be a good night’s sleep tonight to compensate for the last three days.

SUMMARY: Today was quite an active day and I loved it. Overall I got to work out for 2 hours which is a huge jump compared to the last few days!  But it felt good. And it makes me even more excited for the coming weeks. I am down to 58kg and it feels great! Looking forward to further positive changes!

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