Chakra Meditation Through Mantras

Please find my podcast recording of Chakra Meditation through Mantras. I am hoping that this meditation technique will help to completely calm your mind and the nervous system.

Please CLICK HERE for the Meditation Session.

90431329_775660536259147_1298993050286030848_oTo make this meditation more effective, light a candle or tea light and place it at an arms length.

Make sure that the environment is warm:
O It should not be too cold or too hot.
O It should not be too bright.

After completing your meditation make sure to have a warm or hot herbal tea.

Best times to practice this meditation:
O Morning after waking up
O Evening before going to sleep


The aim through this meditation practice:

  • Calming the Nervous system
  • Regulating the Endocrine System
  • Strengthening the Immune System
  • Improving Sleep
  • Improving Lung Capacity
  • Making the Body Alkaline
  • Reducing Heat in the Body
  • Calming the Mind

Please CLICK HERE for the Meditation Session


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