Are You Really Listening To Your Body

This is a question you need to ask yourself if your aim is to live a long, healthy and balanced life.

29041BSLRGB75In our everyday lives we become so busy that we stop listening to what our bodies are trying to tell us. We have stopped becoming aware of what the body is feeling or trying to communicate with the mind.

We have become so busy with the outside world that we have forgotten to see or observe what is happening on our inner world within our bodies.

In Ayurveda we believe that the more you listen to your body and react accordingly, this will then help to prevent any illnesses, diseases and hence ensuring a longer healthier life.

The body gives out all the right messages and symptoms but it is the mind that chooses to ignore it or listen to it.  And if there is a factor of not listening then it will lead to physical, mental and emotional imbalances.


At the end of a very busy hectic day, the body says – “I am really tired, I need to sleep or take rest now.”  But the mind comes along saying – “Oh no sorry you can’t sleep as yet because you still have to send that email, pay that bill, and sort out the paperwork.”

And that’s how sometimes the mind may over take and start ignoring the symptoms or messages that the body is giving out. And this may result in illness or disease. A free flowing dialogue between body and mind is very essential for health.

Listening to the body is one of the most fundamental principles of Ayurvedic practices. Through this awareness comes the whole concept of self care and self healing.

Here are a few examples of what the body is trying to tell you and what that may mean and some simple remedies towards each of those messages.

Generalised Dull Aches and Pains in the Body:

Sometimes we suffer or experience generalised dull aches and pains all over the body but tend to ignore these messages thinking it’s simply tiredness.

But in Ayurveda this is also a sign of initial stages of toxins or Ama in the body which if not corrected will lead to illnesses or diseases. And sometimes these illnesses and diseases may be long term.


Ground and mashed turmeric

  • Take a short break or rest
  • Focus on warm foods
  • Focus on hot drinks during the day
  • Self massage for whole body with hot sesame seed oil followed by a hot shower
  • Plenty of Ginger and Lemon Zest Herbal Tea. Click here to buy
  • Plenty of Turmeric intake. Click here to buy

Gases and Flatulence:

Many times people ignore these symptoms thinking it’s a result of some dodgy food intake. In fact it may not just be wrong food intake; this can also be due to stressful lifestyle, anxiety and excess Vata movement in life.

On the contrary this message should be addressed as soon as anyone can. If gases/flatulence isn’t corrected on time then it may lead to signs and symptoms of constipation, irregular bowel movement.

According to Ayurveda constipation is a Vata imbalance which can potentially be the cause of 70% of all illnesses and diseases (if not corrected).IMG_20190131_101757_083


  • 200 ml of warm/hot water on empty stomach first thing in the morning, to drink down
  • Regular intake of Ginger Lemon Zest Herbal Tea. Click here to buy
  • Chyawanprash in hot water as a hot drink. Click here to buy
  • Regular intake of Hing or Asafoetida.  Best way would be to take 1/8th tspn in a glass of hot water once a day.
  • Plenty of spices in food like cinnamon, turmeric, cumin, mustard, coriander.
  • Avoid the following foods for a few days: potatoes, onions, tomatoes, peppers, aubergines
  • Take Triphala every evening 2 capsules after dinner. Click here to buy

 Hair/Scalp Tenderness or Pain:

Sometimes due to excess heat that may rise up to the head and neck region, may also affect the scalp and hair roots. This is one of the most initial signs of Pitta or heat related illness in the head and neck region. There may be pain or tenderness on pressure on scalp. Sometimes when you comb your hair roots may be painful or sensitive.

If this is not corrected it may lead to eye related imbalances like reduced vision, pressure around the eyes. It may also lead to high blood pressure or migraines and chronic headaches. This may also indicate initial symptoms of hair loss and greying of hair.  This can also be initial signs of Pitta related


  • Coconut water daily
  • Aloe Vera juice daily
  • Massage of scalp with Brahmi Amla Oil. Click here to buy
  • Rose water application into the scalp and hair roots
  • Regular intake of Brahmi herb. Click here to buy
  • Foot massages in the evening with Brahmi Amla Oil and followed by a foot soak in warm water

Chronic Dry Cough

Sometimes we develop a mild low grade dry cough which may have been chronic. It may not really affect our daily activities and hence we tend to ignore it. But in the long run this indicates low or weakened immune system or reduced Ojas in the body.

This may also indicate reduced and depleted Prana in the body. If not corrected it may result in long term weakened immune system which might later on result in recurrent coughs, colds, flues etc.


  • 200 ml hot water on empty stomach in the morning
  • Ginger Honey Chutney in hot water 3-4 times daily. Click here for recipe
  • Chest massage or scrub made from hot sesame seed oil and crushed rock salt
  • Ginger Lemon Zest Herbal Tea after every meal. Click here to buy
  • Hot milk with Turmeric and ghee every evening before going to sleep


Lower Back Pain

It is something many people suffer from. When it is low grade dull pain we always tend to ignore it. Many times people go for a back massage but that may only give a symptomatic relief. This doesn’t necessarily help to correct the problem and gets ignored further.

Just like constipation, this one needs to be corrected as soon as possible. If not corrected, later on it may lead to more severe illnesses like IBS, irregular periods or menstrual ailments in women, fertility issues, lower vertebral column illnesses, sciatic nerve illnesses.


  • Triphala 2 capsules every evening. Click here to buy
  • Avoid dry cold foods like cold salads and drinks
  • Avoid foods like potatoes, aubergines, hummus, chick peas, raw green beans, tomatoes, onions, peppers, sprouts
  • Turmeric 2 capsules 3 times daily. Click here to buy
  • Brahmi 1 capsule 3 times daily. Click here to buy
  • Oil pulling with hot sesame seed oil first thing in the morning on empty stomach
  • Kati Basti Therapy for lower back. Click here for details 

The bottom line of it all is that you should be in sync with your body and always listen to it. Listening to your body also indicates you are respecting it and are mindful of the changes and needs.

I hope the above information helps you further with your journey of self care and self awareness

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