All About Ayurveda And Autumn

Ayurvedic Kitchadi Cleanse for Autumn:

IMG_20181207_090710_168Everyone loves a cleanse. Although many people may not follow it because they think you may need to starve. But what if the cleanse doesn’t mean that you are starving! That’s exactly what happens in an Ayurvedic Kitchadi Cleanse. Read all about my 3 Day Ayurvedic Kitchadi Cleanse. I have gone through it in a step by step format so that it becomes easy to follow it. Click Here to read all about it.

Ayurvedic Autumn Warmers

If you are not up for a 3 day cleanse and yet you want to do some good to your body but in an easier manner, then this article is for you. Read all about the Ayurvedic Autumn Warmers – from foods, to herbs or massages or yoga. Click Here for the full article on Autumn Warmers.


Sunday Spotlight

IMG-20190926-WA0034I have started a new Series called Sunday Spotlight. It’s more like Sattva Spotlight! Getting all those Sattvic individuals under the spotlight, who deserve a huge applause and acknowledgement for all their hard work. In this times Spotlight we have Jane Eastwood, Ayurvedic Consultant, Ayurvedic Therapist. She is also my student and I have known her for a couple of years. The journey commenced when I first met her at a Shirodhara Workshop at Ayurveda Pura Academy.

She runs her practice from Chichester, UK. Click Here to read all about her life, work and her future plans.

Upcoming Events and Courses

Advanced Ayurvedic Practitioner Course: I am very very excited about the Advanced Ayurvedic Practitioner Course which commences in January 2020. This is the kind of course I have been waiting to teach. And here it is, at last! Click Here to find out more.

Open Evening at Ayurveda Pura: 14th November 2019 One other thing I love doing is connecting people. And I have found my way of doing it. I am organising a networking evening, which I also call the Open Evening at Ayurveda Pura. Join me for a glass of bubbly, drinks and nibbles. There will a lot of like minded people attending. I want to be able to connect as many people as possible so that the word of Ayurveda and Yoga spreads like Agni – the universal Digestive Fire. Remember attendance is free. But you need to book or reserve your space as spaces are limited. Click Here for more details.

Ayurvedic Therapist Diploma Course: 4th to 13th November 2019 If you are looking to start the Ayurvedic journey into becoming a practitioner, this is a great starting point. You will get to learn all the traditional authentic Ayurvedic therapies. The best part is, not only do you get to practice but you will also be able to experience all the therapies. Click Here for more details.

Intermediate Ayurvedic Pulse Diagnosis Workshop: 15th to 17th November 2019 I love teaching the pulse diagnosis elements in my course.  We believe that when a client answers questions, they answer from what they think they are. But through Ayurvedic Pulse diagnosis you get to know who they really are. Join me to find out all about the secrets of Ayurvedic Pulse Diagnosis. Click Here for more details.

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  1. Just what I needed to have in my Inbox this month thankyou ,I look forward start this soon and to any cookery classes at Ayurveda Pura hopefully soon! x

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