An Ayurvedic View of The Atlantic Ocean

Writing this blog from my holiday in Gran Canaria. Work never stops especially when you love what you to do. And this is my view while I work and I am grateful for it!

Sat in my balcony with a beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean, and gazing through at the bright lovely sun shining down, the first thought that came to my mind were eyes!  And here I am going to talk about eye health especially in summer.

20190526_112601Eye Health in Ayurveda: Simple routine to keep not only your eyes healthy but also to remove excess heat and inflammation but from the body. Click Here to read more about the various things one can do to make sure all the heat is removed from the body. And I am sure you will see a big change not only in appearance but also your well-being, sleep, skin and general health.

While I was in Coventry to do a talk on Ayurveda, I also visited the Ayurvedic Centre of one of my students:  Kewal Talwadia. Here is a short  interview with Kewal and  little about his Ayurvedic Practice in Coventry. So if you are ever in Coventry, now you know where to go for some authentic Ayurvedic treatments. Click Here.


After a very successful Liver Cleanse Program with approximately 103 participants, I am grateful that all of them came back with positive results and feedback. Click Here to read more about the Liver cleanse and the feedback received from people who took part in it. Click Here for Feedback from some of the participants.

Ayurveda Pura at the Movies! Come join me on the red carpet. Both Ayurveda Pura and I are very proud to be a part of the London Premiere of Itsy – A Short Film, which has won multiple awards globally. Ayurveda Pura is sponsoring this event so would be great to see some Ayurvedic faces!  Click here for more details.

Everyone knows I love cooking and as and when I cook something I always tend to post about it and put a recipe up on my blog.  You can find recipes on Recipes page. Please do try out the recipe for Sweet Potato Halva and Ayurvedic Beans and Broccoli.


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