Wrapping up 2018 the Ayurvedic Way!

2019 is almost upon us. And I am sure that just the way a lot has happened on my side, likewise a lot would happened on your side during 2018.


With Christmas now behind us, people are talking of various detox and cleanse procedures. So while you take a small moment to contemplate the coming year, its the best time to give the body a small break too.

Here are a few pointers for an Ayurvedic Holiday Season:

Remember colour! All bright colours help to pacify the cold wet qualities of Vata and Kapha during winter. Hence vibrant coloured dresses, foods, decorations, spices etc!

There is no Christmas and holidays without that glass of red wine and some cheese. Go ahead and enjoy your share of festivities. But to get rid of the not so good effects, try a combination of turmeric neem and triphala. The best anti hangover remedy in Ayurveda.

In fact Ayurveda Pura sell a wonderful combination of it all with other herbs and spices called Ayurveda Pura’s Anti Hangover Magic Mix. So go head to their website and buy your remedy right now!

Christmas is the time of sumptuous meals and delicious foods. But if feeling too heavy after the food, sip on Ayurveda Pura’s Cinnamon and Ginger Spice Herbal Tea to get rid of that effect.

And last but not the least a walk in fresh air would do the world of good to all those organ systems!

Let me know how you get along with it all!


Coriander and Cucumber Smoothie
for a simple liver cleanse: With plenty of celebrations still going ahead, try this simple recipe to helps cleanse the liver, reduce heat in
the body with a refreshing cooling effect on the circulation. Click here for the more info on this recipe 


Science of Life Congress in Hague, Netherlands – 25th January 2019hague
I will be giving a few lectures at the Science of Life Congress in Netherlands. Join me and several medical doctors and Ayurvedic practitioners in this wonderful gathering which aims at healthy living with Ayurveda. I will be giving a talk on

  • Breast Cancer and Colon Cancer management through Ayurveda
  • Managing Anxiety and Depression through Ayurveda

The conference is being held in the beautiful Wittenburg Castle in Netherlands. Click Here for more details on this conference

New Courses in 2019:

I am really excited to let you know that I will be running two new courses in 2019.

  • Vaastu
  • Sanskrit

The course dates and confirmation will be announced in the next newsletter. So please do keep an eye on those courses if you are interested in learning about Vaastu and Sanskrit.


  1. Hi Deepa,
    Very nice to hear about the new courses, is it possible to join the the VASTU course online or through online subscription?
    Thank you for the reply

    1. Many thanks for the response! Yes definitely it will be possible to join in online too. When the dates are confirmed I will keep you posted. Kind regards.

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