Back To Basics

back to basicsWhen I started writing, the first words that came to mind were “Back to Basics”… and then I wondered why! Then I realised that the sciences I follow and practise are actually nothing but the basic principles of everyday living and more importantly basic principles of living a healthy prolonged life.

Hence when talking about Yoga, Ayurveda or such related sciences, rather than making them sound complicated, the best way forward is to talk about the simplicity that lies behind it all.

Rather than talking about Doshas, Vata, Pitta, Kapha, Agni Dhatu etc which perhaps not many people can relate to, its more important to understand the “Back to Basics” of it all.

So here are some back to basic principles for everyone and anyone looking to integrate these beautiful sciences into their everyday lives.

First of all, according to Ayurveda, health does not take a negative meaning of absence of disease, but a positive attitude of enjoying physical, mental and emotional health. Hence we cannot really call it a system of medicine but more like Way or Science of Life.

An individual cannot live in isolation. He or she needs a family, society, and country. Hence in Ayurveda, suggestions are not merely restricted to the individuals but it is widespread to the society and country.

The moment one realises that there is chaos, that very moment is the point of clarity!
And this makes so much sense. Without awareness there is no progress and development. Realisation leads to awareness and awareness helps towards clarity.

IMG_20171024_112411_606Ayurveda begins from your kitchen!
And this is true. Anything and everything around us has Ayurvedic benefits and properties. So what better way than to start from your kitchen! Food is medicine and when used correctly becomes therapeutic. Turn your kitchen into a space of healing and look at each food as medicine which will aid towards bringing back balance into the body.

Do not put anything on your skin that you cannot put on your tongue or in your mouth!
Anything that you put on your skin should be so safe that even if you were to ingest it, it will only benefit you and never harm you. Foods can be turned into oils, nourishing liquids, creams, pastes etc to help towards physical health and balance.


WP_20160326_011-2-429828953-1508878507480.jpgFollow your local geography, weather and natural environment.
This is really essential when it comes to food. We mirror the weather we are in, or the local environment that we live in. Likewise plants and foods also are a reflection of the local region and weather that they are grown in. Therefore sourcing foods locally is quite essential so that the energies are in sync rather than opposing.

bodyListen to your body!
There is always a conversation between body and mind. Let’s say, you have worked all day and at the end of the day, the body says “I am really tired, I need to go to sleep”. But the mind comes along saying “Sorry you can’t yet sleep as you still need to send those few emails”!  And this is how, the journey of imbalances begin. The body knows exactly what it needs but sometimes the mind comes along saying otherwise. Therefore finding a healthy balance between the body and mind is essential.

The above mentioned Five – Back To Basics Points when followed would really help towards achieving the most important aim of Ayurveda – A Positive Attitude of enjoying physical, mental and emotional health and well-being. Namaste!


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